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Wuxi Suntech Starts “Zero-distance” Service in European PV Industry

德國活動.jpg On June 21, 2018 (German Time), Intersolar Europe enters its second day, on which Wuxi Suntech's Booth is very popular with visitors and presents many highlights; in addition, the Customers’ Day Event of Suntech lights the passion in Munich, starting the era of Wuxi Suntech's “zero-distance” service in European PV industry.

At the Booth, Wuxi Suntech signs a strategic cooperation agreement with China Machinery Engineering Wuxi Co., Ltd. so that they can jointly exploit their respective advantages to the full, explore cooperation schemes in supply chain finance, expand the green solar energy terminal market, build European Customer Service Center in Cologne, Germany, open the era of “zero-distance” service in European PV industry, further complete the mechanism of service for European customers, and improve the quality of service for market and customers as well as the brand and market competitiveness.

At the Customers’ Day Event held by Suntech in the evening, nearly 200 new and old friends appear, heating the onsite atmosphere, during which Suntech also shares its brand story, products and marketing strategies with these friends: Wuxi Suntech has entered the market of Germany since its establishment in 2001, being the first Chinese PV enterprise opening the door to the market of Germany; through 18 years’ efforts, Suntech has made its products spread all over many regions in Europe including Germany as well as more than 80 other countries and regions throughout the world; and from the past two-BB cells to the present dominant five-BB and even multi-BB cells and from the initial small-panel modules to the present half-cell and double-glass bifacial modules, the European market has witnessed the transformation and growth of Suntech.

For 18 years, Wuxi Suntech, keeping its original intention in mind, has always insisted on the use of high-quality materials and excellent manufacturing processes and also on the implementation of 52 strict quality inspection steps, so as to ensure the quality of each module. In 2016, Suntech set up a branch in Germany, for the purpose of creating a foothold in Germany and then radiating to the whole Europe, starting the strategic layout in the global market; Suntech also built a professional customer service team in Germany, supplying complete and perfect after-sales services to customers, covering 12-year product quality warranty, 25-year linear power warranty, and insurance service purchased from Munich Re Group.

We keep thankful for the things in the past, forging ahead with innovations at present, and confident in future. We believe that Wuxi Suntech will certainly become a most trustworthy PV enterprise only if we stick to high quality and continuous innovation, keep customers-oriented, rely upon the high-quality and high-reliability platform resources of Shunfeng Group in the new energy industry chain, create more channels for cooperation, and combine Industry 4.0 intelligent information products.


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