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Wuxi Suntech Appears at Intersolar Europe 2018

On June 20, 2018 (local time), Intersolar Europe 2018 is unveiled at New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany, in which Wuxi Suntech and other well-known PV enterprises are invited to participate.

So far, the Intersolar Europe has been the largest and most influential exhibition specialized in solar energy, throughout the world, with a glorious history of more than 20 years, which attracts over 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors from over 160 countries this time.

Wuxi Suntech takes several types of high-efficiency quality modules to this exhibition, including those competitive products displayed at the booth, like smart modules, half-cell modules, double-glass polycrystalline modules, and high-efficiency double-glass bifacial monocrystalline modules, drawing the attention of customers all over the world.

High-efficiency products have been always well received by customers, such as Suntech’s half-cell modules shining in European market this time. On the premise of identical output, current through the cell of such a module is only a half of that through a conventional one, effectively reducing the power loss inside the module and improving the power of the module; the circuit of a halved cell is designed to decrease the current getting through the cell by a half, which can greatly reduce hot spots, and then the circuit can act as a bypass in an effective way, in case of a shelter, preventing the module involved from being damaged due to hot spots; and then such a half-cell module designed with a split-type junction box as well as an optimization from the conventional complicated circuit, is capable of further reducing power loss and increasing output power by up to 10W and thus supplying cost-effective electric power stably to customers. Simultaneously, high-efficiency double-glass bifacial monocrystalline modules STP320S-20/Wfd draw much attention as well. Such a module adopts P-type high-efficiency bifacial cell, increasing its output power by 25%, by virtue of power generation on the back, and then in combination of the white ground environment, its maximum output power can reach 400W; on equal conditions, such a double-glass bifacial module helps to significantly reduce system cost and therefore contributes to much lower cost per KWH.

Europe, as the birthplace of photovoltaic power, has been always a crucial and full-fledged PV power market in the world. Wuxi Suntech has entered the European market since its foundation in 2001, and through 18 years’ efforts, it has been popular with customers and won brand reputation in the market. Recently Suntech has also paid return visits to European customer in succession, under the theme “Time Proves Selection”, to listen to customers in the way of onsite visits, during which many customers show their praise that the PV power stations completed with Suntech modules work well both in product performance and total generating capacity. What’s more, Wuxi Suntech, by establishing a branch in Germany in 2016, starts its strategic market deployment of creating a foothold in Europe and then radiation to the world, so as to take Suntech’s high-efficiency modules to every corner of the world and help to build beautiful green environment. This exhibition will last until June 22, 2018 and you are sincerely invited to visit Wuxi Suntech’s Booth A1.260 at New Munich Trade Fair Centre.


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