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Suntech Won the Top Module Manufacturer Certificate by DNV GL

DNV GL is a global quality assurance and risk management company, which provides the well-known test and consulting service for the energy value chain, including renewable energy and energy efficiency. The professional services provided by DNV GL cover wind power, solar energy, conventional power generation and use of renewable energy, thus it provides safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy for global customers.

The PV module reliability scorecard of DNV GL refers to the reliability test and analysis on modules by PV module manufacturers, which carries out wide comparison on the test results of PV module reliability. The reliability tests covered by the scorecard include triple IEC thermal cycle, humidity thermal, UV illuminant test, dynamic mechanical load, PID attenuation and hot spot test. After the 18-month rough PQP tests, Suntech’s modules do well in reliability and product performance. Adhering to the principle of being customer-oriented, Suntech has been strictly choosing materials, and controlling product quality from the first source; in addition, through the 52 production quality inspection steps, Suntech checks on all manufacturing processes, to guarantee the high quality of each module. Time proves selection. Based on high-quality and efficient products, Suntech will always be the most reliable partner of our customers.


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