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Suntech Global Summit︱Enhance Industry Cooperation in Upstream and Downstream, Build Full Industry Chain of Photovoltaic Sector with Joint Forces

On June 1, Suntech announced to consolidate the close cooperation in upstream and downstream chains of the photovoltaic industry. Efforts in this regard included the conclusion of strategic cooperation agreements with DSM Advanced Solar and Sineng Electric at the Suntech Global Customer Summit. By working closely with DSM Advanced Solar and Sineng Electric, Suntech hopes to converge the strengths of two companies in development of customized modules and joint brand promotion, thus jointly realizing the vision of building the full industry chain of photovoltaic sector. Mr. Pascal Sain-de (Vice President of DSM Advanced Solar), Mr. Duan Yuhe (President of Sineng Electric), Mr. Li Jianfei (Vice President and CTO of Sineng Electric), Mr. He Shuangquan (President of Suntech), Mr. Zhang Wei and Mr. Cao Xiaorong (Vice Presidents of Suntech) attended the signing ceremony.

[Deliver Innovation-driven Differentiated Services, Tap into the Greatest Value of Products]

While cementing the foundation of technology, DSM is actively engaged in the healthcare, nutrition and material fields all over the world. Mr. Pascal Sain-de, Vice President of DSM Advanced Solar, had expressed an opinion that the move to establish strategic cooperation relations with Suntech would greatly push forward its progress in seeking rapid growth in photovoltaic market. DSM upholds the ‘profit’ goal of developing business with high value and strong creative capability through innovative and sustainable solutions, so as to meet the constantly emerging new demands. New materials and new technologies play an important role in promoting innovation in the solar photovoltaic industry. For example, they are conducive to reducing LCOE and expanding the application of clean solar energy. To succeed in this goal, DSM will further intensify its cooperation ties in upstream and downstream of the industry. ‘To my knowledge, Suntech will bring its latest photovoltaic modules using DSM Anti-Soiling coating at the forthcoming SNEC EXPO. DSM Anti-Soiling coating is based on our proprietary core-shell particle technology and optimized to minimize soil dust adhesion and maximize dust removal. The result is a coating with excellent anti-soiling AND anti-reflective properties. DSM Anti-Soiling coating brings direct performance improvements and indirect maintenance savings, boosting the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of solar projects in dry environments.’

Mr. Zhang Wei, Vice President of Suntech, said ‘The cooperation between Suntech and DSM in the past six years has delivered fruitful results in the application of module innovations. In addition to continuously developing high-power and high-reliability products in the photovoltaic industry, we shall also strive to meet customers’ demands for targeted and differentiated innovative modules. Boasting the benefits of soil dust proof and abrasion proof, the modules jointly developed by Suntech and DSM used the innovative technology to stabilize and improve power, which can help increase customer returns. To break new ground in today’s photovoltaic market featuring high product homogeneity, Suntech will seek to achieve optimal value with the optimum ratio of products, and occupy the market and gain reputation with differentiated products, while sticking to customer orientation and making breakthroughs in innovation applications.’

[Work Together to Explore Global Market, Seek Overall Development to Realize Win-Win Outcomes]

Sineng Electric is a leading equipment manufacturer and solution provider in power industry, with its business covering power generation, power supply and distribution, and power utilization. Centering on the field of the power conversion and control through power electronics, it provides customers a full range of inverters for photovoltaic (PV) power connection, energy storage systems, power quality control systems and charging systems for new energy vehicles. Mr. Li Jianfei, Vice President of Sineng Electric, said ‘Sineng Electric and Suntech are both located in Wuxi, a city with a long history of industry and commerce. Our ambition of supplying clean energy for mankind based on technology accumulation and R&D platforms of Fortune Global 500 is consistent with Suntech’s original mission. This cooperation represents our joint efforts in exploring the global market and building the full industry chain of the photovoltaic sector, and will definitely promote the brand development of both sides.’

Mr. Cao Xiaorong, Vice President of Suntech, said ‘To win over rivals in the fierce market competition, Suntech has kept adapting itself to various changes, and aims to enhance its core competitiveness through actively promoting management reform and implementing full-cost control and refined management; During our continuous optimization and adjustment of operation modes and strategies, we have never stopped the pursuit of high quality. Likewise, Sineng Electric also has these qualities. This is the decisive factor contributing to the strategic cooperation. Going forward, Suntech will bear the market concept of ‘Global & Local’ firmly in mind, and work together with Sineng Electric to constantly improve the global layout and build the localized sales service system, so as to facilitate the going global of China’s photovoltaic enterprises.’


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