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Suntech Global Customer Summit Successfully held in Shanghai

At 14:30, June 1 (Beijing Time), Suntech Global Customer Summit was held at Diamond Ballroom of the Westin Bund Center Shanghai. Focusing on frontier dynamics of the market, the Summit had attracted a large number of high-quality customers from more than 60 countries and regions, to discuss the brand and strategic planning of the photovoltaic industry.

Themed with “Solar the Future”, this Summit had specially invited the experts and scholars from various fields of global photovoltaic industry, as well as several important guests from the industry’s analysis agencies and leading enterprises in the full industry chain of photovoltaic industry. The guests shared their opinions on the industry development in depth and explored the industry’s future development in a comprehensive manner.

Mr. Zhang Fubo, Chairman of Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited (SFCE) and Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. announced the official opening of the Summit and delivered a speech.

The specially-invited guest Ms. Corrine Lin, Chief Analyst of PVInfolink focused on the market’s frontier dynamics, and made an objective and comprehensive analysis of the development trend of global photovoltaic industry.

In their theme presentations on Suntech’s brand and product strategy, Mr.Vincent Cao and Mr. Zhang Wei, Vice Presidents of Suntech introduced the strategic steps for Suntech’s future development at a macro level, and gave instructions on the company’s brand maintenance and upgrade. They said that Suntech will enhance its global brand influence and maximize its brand effect by implementing the brand dividend and marketization strategy and the “Global&Local” market penetration strategy, respectively.

At the Summit, Suntech launched its flagship product – the latest HIPower Max Series of 440W Module. The module adopted the 158.75mm large size and 78-cell large format, as well as the half-cell and PERC technology, realizing the power of up to 440W and the efficiency of 20.4%. The launch of this product manifests Suntech’s products have officially entered the 4.0+ era.

Representatives of the leading enterprises in the full industry chain of photovoltaic industry made thematic reports on the industry development. Representatives from DSM Advanced Solar, Sineng Electric, Meteocontrol, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Jiangsu Branch and Munich Re shared their expertise in respective fields.

Besides, Suntech concluded strategic cooperation agreements with DSM Advanced Solar and Sineng Electric, announcing to consolidate the close cooperation in upstream and downstream chains of the photovoltaic industry. By working closely with DSM Advanced Solar and Sineng Electric, Suntech hopes to converge the strengths of two companies in development of customized components and joint brand promotion, thus jointly realizing the vision of building the full industry chain of photovoltaic sector. Mr. Pascal Sain-de (Vice President of DSM Advanced Solar), Mr. Viktor Duan(President of Sineng Electric), Mr. Li Jianfei (Vice President and CTO of Sineng Electric), Mr. He Shuangquan (President of Suntech), Mr. Zhang Wei and Mr. Vincent Cao(Vice Presidents of Suntech) attended the signing ceremony.

At last, Suntech’s global customer representatives came onto the stage to share their stories of cooperation with Suntech. It can be said that, Suntech’s achievements are inseparable from the support of its customers and friends.

Mr. He Shuangquan, President of Suntech delivered a closing speech. After the Summit, Suntech invited its global customers to the cruise on Huangpu River. The customers had delicious food and drink, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Bund on the cruise pleasantly.


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