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Suntech Awarded the Enterprise Contribution Award of Energy Science and Technology Innovation

Suntech Awarded the Enterprise Contribution Award of Energy Science and Technology Innovation
On Dec. 11, 2020 Energy Annual Conference and the 12th China's Energy Enterprises Summit Forum was held by Journal of Energy in Beijing. Suntech was listed in the 2020 Gold Chart of Energy Science and Technology Innovation, a prize set to honor the benchmark enterprises that make outstanding contribution to the science and technology innovation in the industry.

Themed by Energy Technology Innovation Under Economic Dual Circulation, this year the conference offers platform to discuss the opportunities and problems of the innovation in the industry. Suntech was included into the Chart because of its reputation in the PV industry over the past 20 years. As a renowned PV modules manufacturer, Suntech has developed its far-reaching influence with high-quality and high-reliability products.

With coordinated advantage of vertical integration, Suntech expands production bases in Wuxi, Changzhou, and Indonesia. Up till now, Suntech has launched its 10GW+ high power capacity globally. In the next step, Suntech will continue to improve industry chain cooperation with establishment in management, technology, distribution channels and brand advantage.


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