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Suntech Announced Expansion 5GW of Module Production

On 31st Dec, 2019, SUNTECH signed an agreement with Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee on 5GW high efficiency and intelligent solar module factory project.

This project located in the Yangzhou Integrated Free Trade Zone. It will be built to an intelligent factory with latest solar module manufacturing technology. The planned building area of the project is about 253,334 Square Meters, and the project includes two phases. The first phase project (2.5GW) is planned to be finished and put into operation in the first half of 2020. SUNTECH will have a full set of half-cell, bifacial, multi bus-bar and large-format cells production line after the project finished.

As a global well-known manufacturer of high-performance solar products, SUNTECH has been focusing on the R & D and production of solar cells and modules for 20 years. The implementation of this 5GW high efficiency intelligent solar module project will significantly improve the capacity of SUNTECH high efficiency and high reliability solar modules, as well as the all-round service ability for customers’ demand for high efficiency product.


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