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Suntech Join in International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2020

Suntech join in Virtual IGEM 2020 on October 19-23. As the most influential and professional conference and exhibition for green technology and environment-friendly products in Malaysia, IGEM provides a platform to gather professional information and analyze the current trend of global energy development. The gathering attracts leading brands within the industry around the world.

In this virtual exhibition, Suntech displayed 3 types of products to the mainstream need in Malaysian market: HiPower 380W half-cut mono module, Ultra V 410W half-cut mono module and 545W half-cut mono bifacial module. Among them, HiPower series modules adopt the mainstream technology of half-cut and multi-busbar grid, with higher output power and lower LCOE. Launched in this year, Ultra V series modules are based on 182mm large-size silicon wafer with in-depth optimized module model and high-density packing technology. These features greatly reduce the gap between cells, increase the effective power area and model power intensity, making the module conversion efficiency maximum up to 21.3%. Ultra V series modules are equipped with sophisticated half-cut and multi-busbar technology. The flexible irregular ribbon and high-reflective grid filmed backsheet improve light utilization rate and realize substantial power increase.
Suntech, with leading technology establishment and brand reputation, attracted attention from developers, EPC, investors and distributors in IGEM, evidenced by large volume of visual visits in online exhibition. Through this platform, Suntech made an in-depth communication with customers in Malaysia to grasp the high-potential and high-quality PV market, making a further step in global expansion.


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